Day #7 – – Further Pivot Ideas

I provide my partner with the reddit thread, and screenshots from FB, where all the users say they like Rocket Lawyer.

Looking at Rocket Lawyer for some ideas


“this person won a $1 mil judgment”
“this person won 10% of the guy’s business”
“this person got an injunction against the business”
“Protect your asset today”

Which Lawyer’s Form do you want to use?

Average Win Rate:

Average Claim Size:

Conversation good as my partner is more on board, and looking and thinking about how to nrevive the entire site.

User can just edit it with an editor if its his own site.


at least we have a very scalable approach now
i think we can pitch it to gary now
if nda does well
i can try to build out a system
so that we can upload our own contracts
and then we can add in seo and ppc for other keywords to try to get signups
and then once we know that we need a new contract, its just a matter of writing it up and uploading
eventually, we’ll allow users to upload their own as well
if we get a lot of signups








My developer partner says I don’t listen to him at all.  Then Logan says he felt unmotivated and that’s why he wasn’t replying.

March 23, 2016

Ranking 3rd page for “SEO Contract Template” on Google.

Read a little bit on BHW about SEO, aged domains, etc.

March 24, 2016

Looked on, and got inspiration in the legal tech.  I see there’s a big need in the legal tech.  I can learn from other people how they’re approaching everything.


Day #6 – – Scored a Big Investor

Description: I always try as hard as I can to make something positive happen, so I try to talk as many people as I can.

People may think because of this big advantage, that’s why I’ll finally be able to succeed and they wouldn’t be able to replicate it.  But the idea I want to sell you on is that you need to keep working as hard as possible, and random coincident will happen that will benefit you.  If you stay stagnant, nothing will happen at all.  There’s no guarantee I’ll be successful at all because as you in prior blog posts I have tried many different things that I thought would work out, but didn’t.

This contact was a result of when I tried to sell my last premium website but it didn’t go through and he wanted to keep in touch with me.

I am excited by him because he is someone I look up to.  He spent $800k in legal fees to chase $11 million.

He definitely sees there is a market gap.

1. Identify your target market clearly, come up with 5 or 6 top categories, and understand them well.  If someone asks you “You have to defend why you are going after freelancers”.

2.  How much money do you need?  1 year forecast, monthly basis, when will we get to revenue, how many users, whats the conversion rate, financial modeling.

3. How does identity authentication work?  Block chain signature, encrypted keys to bind device and people.  He says I am thinking along the correct lines.  He appreciates my logical thinking.

“Can introduce you to with a good attorney friends who can help with all the contracts, he has a small fund that he runs. Another guy who runs a block chain venture fund, that focus on block chains”

Underlying security technology is block chain, we can raise money from him”

He likes the domain but prefers the .com and wants to buy contract

Going to do some customer validation

Day #5 – – Guest Post Outreach

Goal: Get included and have the ability to post articles.

Start sending out outreach emails to guest post targets with pitch and topic.  We’ll see if they respond, and we’ll start writing for the ones that do.  We don’t want to over think it.  Maybe our template isn’t good enough, but we gotta just test it, and see what kind of response we get.

We can always try again with different names and email.



February 29, 2016 – Continuing contact finding – 119/187

March 3, 2016 – Finished contacts – 187/187

Need to decide how to approach out reach.  5 Authors replied back and want articles.  I contacted two possible article writers to see their thoughts.

Finalized template for scholarship outreach

March 4, 2016

I’ll just update blog posts by days, when I do enough tasks to reach 8 hours.

Today we begin scholarship outreach.  We get 2 opens from Yale Law School.

We noticed some template format errors when we try to view on mobile.

March 8, 2016 – Partnership Outreach

Reached out to guy who did scholarship out reach and maybe he can contribute to my site. Wrote him a list of my accomplishments to see how he might be interested in working with me. This can possibly help boost the site’s progress if he likes the idea as he can contribute to SEO.

Reached out to to see if there’s any possible synergies or I can get advice, or maybe he can be on my board of directors or something.

Reply at 11:10am

Reached out to Sam too, asking for possible partnership to have him help bring lawyers on board.

We need to focus on articles and not let it die.

I’m going to spend a lot of time and read about digital contracts, seo contracts, understand how people make contracts, talk to people on BHW.  I need to work on and the local citation package for Jeff.

I need to do more analysis:

Reached out to the author

Ask Jeff if we can try to figure this out together everyday

Day #4 – – 2/25/16 – On-boarding New Apprentice

February 24, 2016

Logan is working on contracts



February 25, 2016

Goal: On-board an intern so he can help manage tasks that Logan would be managing.

Today, created 20 contact list for university outreach for our scholarship.

Observing a successful site that achieved 186 backlink

Site’s domain authority is 50

Attachment for backlinks: [Download Link]

We will reach out to those as well.

Day #3 – Continued Backlinking

February 23, 2016

I’m still looking for backlink opportunities.

I see a lawyer writing and trying to target the key term so I reach out to him.  He could possibly be the dispute/lawyer side of things.  I reach out to him.

His page:

Is ranking from mostly social signals alone I feel and no backlinks.

Searched up “contract” on warrior forum and found a post

Made a reply, dropped my link.  Messaged the guy as well if he’s interested in talking more, so I can build what he needs.

I’ll have to try to find what websites he owns.

February 24, 2016 – Pad Submits

Pad submits have worked well for me in the past.  I’ve seen rankings jump as a result of building these kind of links.  I’ll target the SEO Contracts Page with these links.  Usually we will get listed on many high authority software sites, and the juice from the homepage would pass temporary to the page you’re targeting.

I searched “Contracts” on reddit to try to find some inspiration for people’s problems.

I come across a guy’s post:

I message him asking if he can be a mentor.

Follow up on Competitor

My Goal: To learn his SEO backlinking methods, since I see he built so many links

I try to offer him some additional value. – Case Study – From $0 to $100 Million/Year

I want to fail at every possible advantage that I think will work for me before I give up at this business. I’m going to commit at least 100 hours to this business idea before I decide to give up. Advantages: 1. Nice Domain Name: Conveys authority, and will be easier to sneak backlinks. 2. Browser Fingerprinting Technology: Sellable to press, users, etc.   Cons:

Day #2 –

Goal: Getting templates up

Had my partner to put up the contracts

Link to BHW post:

Quora Post


Getting some Expert Advice on how to get into B2C!

Finally got a response 1 hour later

He gives the green light that we will make it into B2C, so that’s good and gives me a higher confidence rate of 75% that we will get in.

Random outreach

Outreach to competitor

11:29am – Guy replied

I need to propose to him some ideas.  This will be hard since he’s my competitor lol!

3:41pm – Onboarding possible new intern

I think he would be good for learning about outreach portion.  Logan can manage and pass work to him.


5:42pm – Contacting Possible Author

Went on Google to look up more freelance contracts.  Found a possible writer.  Found her website.  Saw she’s definitely looking to get paid to write content.  Let’s see how much she charges.

Sent an email her way, and also will start the “write for us” process for

Next day, received a response

I write:

“What are the publications that you can publish to?  Let’s say if we order the 5 blog posts.”

Her rates:

$150 for 500-750 words

$200 for 750-1000 words

$300 for 1000- 1500 words



My reply:

She replied back with some titles

I asked for what I should write to the editors, the exact template

Conclusion: I’ll be able to outsource content to her once editors approve them.  This is a big advancement that I didn’t learn before, and this is helping me make definite progress.

The more I spend time, trying to get results, eventually I’ll get results.

Day #1 – Setting Up Site

I ripped my competitor’s site, and made sure all links are localized.  Then I registered an authoritative sounding domain name.  I set up hosting and site is now live.

Waiting for approval from the network for the product right now.


“Could you make it so that when a user hovers over, it just shows the homepage url or you can create a second page like /recommends/index.php which 301 redirects.

We want to hide the ugly affiliate link

Link every outbound link or image to this affiliate link: affiliate link
Can you change all product names on website to that
and add a corresponding image or screenshot from the landing page?”

Day #1 –

The goal is to build a list of possible link out reach targets.  We want them to know that we have a list of templates that would help them for SEO contracts.

1. Search up “SEO contract templates” to get the list of websites


2. You now have a list of websites

3. Start putting each url into to get their backlinks.  We will then put them all into one big file and start categorizing it.

4.  List of Backlinks

5. Post on to build no-follow links for link diversity

My summary analysis: Sites are able to rank simply by getting easy to grab backlinks from forums.

Some ideas: I could pay people on warrior forum or BHW, like hire freelancers from warrior forum, to post a link to the contract on specific places.  Pay about $50, so that I can rank, and get 10 backlinks.  Prepare statements for them.

Use these initial seed blogs to get ideas for more places to get backlinks from.